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Hollywoods Hatter


As one of the last remaining True Hat Makers left today.. Los Angeles Native & Hollywood Hatter Mr. Gunner Foxx continues to provide his most sought after Hat Services to both Private AND Public Patrons as The Resident Master Hatter at Schaeffer's Garment Hotel in Hollywood, California. By use of the early nineteenth century Felting Methods & Hat Making Techniques passed down by his Grandfather...Master Hatter Mr. Gunner Foxx has been privilidged with unique ability to Create that perfect Hat Carefully Characterized & Crafted to each person's head as an extension of their specific individual personality and poise.Hollywood's Master Hat Maker Mr. Gunner Foxx offers his most sought after Hat Services to the General Public.  Hat Cleaning & Hat Blocking done while you wait!! Hat Stretching, Hat Repair, Hat Sizing, Hat Shaping, Sweatband Replacement, and Hat Band Replacement are just a few of the Hat Services offered by Mr. Gunner Foxx.

Mr. Gunner Foxx ...

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Who is under your hat?

Until the cultural revolution of the mid-20th century, gentlemen wore hats. Fedora’s, Porkpies, Bowlers, Derbies, Top Hats, Western Hats, Cowboy Hats..etc. Normally a gentleman wore a hat outdoors, not indoors. And if he were a normal well bred man, he knew a passel of rules to follow regarding when to doff the hat and how to do so.

Besides protecting a man against the elements, a hat properly worn gives him dignity. It also permits him to practice a small ceremonial, that is, an act recognizing the right, condition or social status of others.

Unfortunately, the hat has found a poor replacement today: the ubiquitous baseball cap. In principle, I understand the practical use for this cap in sports.

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During a baseball game on a hot summer day, it shields the face of the player so he can see the ball in the bright sun. However, the mania of wearing baseball caps all the time and everywhere seems to me as irrational as it would be to wear football or motorcycle helmets all ...

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Tipping your hat

To tip one’s hat is to lift it slightly off the forehead either by the brim of a stiff hat or by the crown of a soft one, and then replace it. The modern etiquette books rarely mention the rules that govern tipping or doffing the hat that every gentleman used to know and practice automatically. Almost all men – not just those of the upper classes but of even a modest social level – were quick to correct ...

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“ There's something very old-fashioned about Gunner, in the best way I could possibly say this word. His hats are a bit like him - they show a level of craftsmanship, quality, and individuality that these days is hard to find.

When I first met Gunner in his hat shop in the back of Schaeffer's Garment Hotel he seemed to be like a man from another time, both in his work and in his personal style. Initially reserved and well mannered, he looked me straight in the eye and shook my hand, and we became friends soon after that. After a while he agreed to let me film him, and watching him making his hats with total focus and dedication reminded me of alchemy - like in an old secret science, there's steam, fire, and mercury, all kinds of strange and interesting scents and chemical reactions, and it just amazes me to watch how over the course of several days a mere piece of felt turns into a timeless piece of art and beauty in his hands.

Gunner has made hats for some great artists and famous movie stars, but he seems strangely unfazed by the caliber of many of his clients. I've seen him work for celebrities, and I've seen him make hats for guys who had so save up the money to get a hat made by Gunner, and the public profile of his customers doesn't seem to make a difference to him. When I asked him about ...

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  • Hollywood\'s Master Hatter Mr. Gunner Foxx
  • attends the launch party for the new Sorum Noce Collection on March 26, 2009 in West Hollywood, California.

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